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董紹泳  ♂
Charles Tung Shao-Yung
Charles Tung, Jr.,  Dung Shiu-Wing,  Tung Hsiao-Yung,  Dong Shao-Yong,  Dong Shaoyong,  Tung Shiao-Yung
Birthplace: Shanghai, China

Filmography (1950-1978)
  Co-Director (1 film)
    The 14 Amazons (1972)    
  Director of Photography (1 film)
    The 14 Amazons (1972)    
  Cinematographer (66 films)
    The Flower Street (1950)    
    The Insulted and the Injured (1950)    
    Tomorrow (1952)    
    The Moon-Blanch'd Land (1952)    
    Gone to the Dogs (1952)    
    The Third Life (1953)    
    Flower of Wealth (1953)    
    Pavilion in the Spring Dawn (1954)    
    Shadows of Love (1954)    
    Beyond the Grave (1954)    
    The Secret of a Married Woman (1956)    
    Our Good Daughter (1956)    
    Green Hills and Jade Valleys (1956)    
    Torrents of Spring (1956)    
    Mambo Girl (1957)    
    Murder in the Night (1957)    
    Our Sister Hedy (1957)    
    Scarlet Doll (1958)    
    Little Darling (1958)    
    Spring Song (1959)    
    The Wayward Husband (1959)    
    Her Tender Heart (1959)    
    Darling Daughter (1959)    
    The Tragedy of Love (1959)    
    Too Young to Love (1959)    
    The Scout Master (1959)    
    Wedding Bells for Hedy (1959)    
    Desire (1959)    
    Forever Yours (1960)    
    Twilight Hours (1960)    
    All the Best (1961)    
    The Golden Trumpet (1961)    
    Love Without End (1961)    
    To Catch a Murderer (1963)    
    The Second Spring (1963)    
    Her Sister's Keeper (1963)    
    Three Sinners (1963)    
    A Maid from Heaven (1963)    
    Seven Fairies (1964)    
    Between Tears and Laughter (1964)    
    Black Forest (1964)    
    The Story of Sue San (1964)    
    The Mermaid (1965)    
    Song Fest (1965)    
    Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore (1965)    
    Inside the Forbidden City (1965)    
    Squadron 77 (1965)    
    The Monkey Goes West (1966)    
    The Blue and the Black (Part 1) (1966)    
    The Blue and the Black (Part 2) (1966)    
    Princess Iron Fan (1966)    
    The Goddess of Mercy (1966)    
    The Joy of Spring (1966)    
    That Tender Age (1967)    
    Swan Song (1967)    
    My Dreamboat (1967)    
    Song of Tomorrow (1967)    
    When the Clouds Roll By (1968)    
    The Enchanted Chamber (1968)    
    Twin Blades of Doom (1969)    
    River of Tears (1969)    
    The Twelve Gold Medallions (1970)    
    Love Without End (1970)    
    Guess Who Killed My Twelve Lovers? (1970)    
    The Eunuch (1971)    
    Mistress Hsieng Lin (1978)    
  A native of Shanghai, Tung's father Tung Ke-Yi is a veteran cinematographer. The father and son moved to Hong Kong in the late 1940s for the film "A Forgotten Woman", which marked the debut of Great Wall Pictures Corporation. Tung's father was the cinematographer of the film while he became the assistant. He later joined Shaw, where director Doe Chin recognized his talents and made Tung a prominent cinematographer. He left Shaw and signed with Motion Picture & General Investment Co. Ltd. (MP & GI) in 1956, where he became the cinematographer for such screen classics as "Our Sister Hedy", "Mambo Girl", "Her Tender Heart" and "Forever Yours". Tung returned to Shaw in 1959 and helmed "The Twelve Gold Medallions", "The Black Forest", "A Maid From Heaven" and "The Monkey Goes West". Tung was a multiple winner of cinematographer kudos at the Asian Film Festival: He first won the B/W category in 1959 (6th) fo Doe Chin's "Darling Daughter", followed by the color category in 1966 (13th) for Doe's "The Blue And the Black"; Then again in 1970 (16th) for Pan Lei's "Love Without End". Tung also tried his hands in directing, as he co-helmed "The 14 Amazons" with Cheng Kang.

From the Celestial DVD release of "The 14 Amazons".