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小樓春曉 (1954)
Pavilion in the Spring Dawn
Alias: Four Is a Crowd
Alias: A Love Story
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Comedy 
Release Date (HK): 02/15/1954
  Griffin Yueh Feng
  Griffin Yueh Feng
  Wong Ho ... Peng Tse-Gang
  Luo Lan (2) ... Tang Ying
  Helen Li Mei ... Du Fen
  Lan Qing ... Mrs. Deng
  Shi Lei ... Deng Lao
  Wu Jing-Ping ... Chao Hsiao-Ping
  Ng Wai (2) ... Du Fen's sister
  Ma Hsiao-Nung ... Tenant
  Shen Chong ... Staff A
  Mao Lu (2) ... Staff B
  Chang Chih-Pei ... Staff C
  Yeung Tin (3) ... Staff D
  Chu Shao-Chuen ... House Manager
Production Company
  Daai Fong
Script Supervisor
  Chiang Kuo-Hung
  Charles Tung Shao-Yung
  Lin Wei
Art Director
  Bao Tian-Ming
  Sung Siu-Kong
  Li Jing-Xian
  Ai An
Sound Recordist
  Lau Yeung-Chi
  Li Hou-Xiang
Production Manager
  Helena Law Lan
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  After leaving The Great Wall Movie Enterprises Ltd, Yueh founded the Dafang Film Company and made an unconventional love story. Wang Hao and Wu Jingping share a room, with their respective girlfriends Helen Li Mei and Luo Lan living in an adjourning room. Wang is obsessed with work and cannot stand the around-the-clock attention of Li. Luo Lan has a serious outlook on life, while Ng wants to cuddle all the time. The two pairs of lovers fall out. They only find true happiness after switching partners among themselves. Yueh creates a delicate situation with simple characters and a simple plot. His works often emphasize universal love, human feelings and dignity. While they start out being flawed, the characters realise that love is not everything, and are even ready to give up their new-found love out of guilt towards their former lover. The film is progressive without being political as in the Great Wall period. In one night scene, no one speaks in the darkness, and the silence is only broken by the sounds of sobbing. A consummate director, Yueh managed to flout the usual narrative conventions after going independent. [Source: HKFA]