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風雨雙流星 (1976)
The Killer Meteors
Thai VCD title: Jackie Chan Versus Wang Yu
US bootleg title: Karate Death Squad
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Rating: II (Hong Kong) 
Release Date (HK): 08/21/1976
  Lo Wei (1)
  Kim Jin-Tae
  Gu Long
  Lee Mun-Ung
Martial Arts Director
  Chen Hsin-I
  Lo Wei (1)
  Kang Dae-Jin
  Jimmy Wang Yu ... Killer Meteor Mei Sin Her
  Jackie Chan ... Immortal Meteor Wa Wu-Bin
  Lee Man-Tai ... Devil Monk
  Ma Chiang ... Hay Li Ma
  Phillip Ko Fei ... Go Yuen So
  Ma Chi (1) ... Thunder Swordsman Yu Ching-Yi
  Lee Si-Si (1) ... Lady Tempest
  Chen Hui-Lou ... Iron Palm
  Li Chiang (1) ... Lord Fung's bodyguard
  Weng Hsiao-Hu ... Man Tien Sin
  Hsueh Han ... Lightning Swordsman Wan Fong
  Lily Lan Yu-Li ... Madam Phoenix
  Yu Ling-Lung ... Fung Yuen Er
  Min Min ... Lightning Swordsman's friend at inn
  Tung Lin ... Lord Fung
  Henry Lu Yi-Lung ... Shadow Whip
  Wang Ruo-Ping ... Thief
  Woo Wai (3) ... Mighty Kim
  Shih Ting-Ken    
  Ching Kuo-Chung ... Escort Agency's fighter
  Hu Han-Chang    
  Ng Ho (1) ... Chief Constable Li Wang
  Chen Shen-Lin ... Guard
  Huang Kuan-Hsiung    
  Chen Chin-Hai    
  Jeong Hee    
  Choe Seong-Ho    
  Jeon Shook    
  Im Saeng-Chul    
  Son Jun ... Lightning Swordsman's friend at inn
  Choe Jun    
  Ricky Cheng Tien-Chi ... Guard
  Hong Chian-Yong    
  Lin Chong    
  Hung Ji-Yue ... Constable
Production Company
  Lo Wei Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
Assistant Director
  Chu Hsueh-Liang   Chiu Lo-Kong
  Chan Chung-Yuen   Chris Chen Ching-Chu
  Lu Chin-Long
Art Director
  Chow Chi-Leung
  Li Yan-Hong
  Chen Shi (1)
  Kim Jin-Tae   Kwok Ting-Hung
  Woo Lim-Pek
Sound Recordist
  Chang Hua
  Stanley Chow Fook-Leung
  Hsu Li-Hwa
  Chu Shih-Mei
Production Manager
  Lee Siu-Cheung
  Wong Ping (2)
Filming Location
  Master killer The Killer Meteor has a secret weapon. His skills, plus this weapon, earn him fear and respect. Hardened criminals pay him tribute, and he allows them to live another year, provided they refrain from killing. Killer M is hired by wealthy Wa Wu Bin to murder Wa's treacherous wife, Lady Tempest. Lady T has slipped poison into Wa's soup and, without the antidote she possesses, Wa would die. Killer M is also to retrieve the antidote. But Killer M is also a secret agent, employed by Lord Fung, who is trying to obtain evidence against Wa. To reach the box containing the antidote, Killer M must masquerade as the slave of Lady T's good friend, Madam Phoenix. Further, there are Lady T's four skilful guards to contend with. But as the plot unfolds, many of the characters prove to be something other than what they seem. Killer M never even knows whether characters who die, or kill themselves, are actually dead, and if they'll come back to fight again. When all the trickery, and the plans within plans within plans, are stripped away, Killer M finds that early all the characters he encounters have one aim in common......