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黃毛怪人 (1962)
The Blonde Hair Monster
Alias: Yellow Giant
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genres: Mystery  Thriller 
Release Date (HK): 10/10/1962
  Wong Fung (2)
  Wong Fung (2)
  Ho Lai-Lai (1)
  Walter Tso Tat-Wah ... Inspector To
  Yu So-Chau ... Wong Ngan/Wong Ang
  Cheung Ying-Tsoi ... Cheung Kai-Ting
  Sek Kin (1) ... Cheung Yan-Lei
  Connie Chan Po-Chu ... Heung Ngan
  Gam Lui ... Sau Tai-Fu
  Chu Yau-Ko ... Detective
  Chan Ho-Kau ... Wu Nga
  Lam Liu-Ngok ... Yau Tin Lung
  Lai Kwan-Lin ... Chun Ngai
  Chan Wai-Yue ... Lo Ma, servant
  Yung Yuk-Yi ... Cheung's wife
  Lok Gung ... Sifu
  Ling Mung (1) ... Cheung Yan-Chuen
  Sai Gwa-Pau ... Fook, Cheung's servant
  Lee Sau-Kei ... Lo Choi, Cheung's servant
  Lee Hung (1) ... Yung-Yung
  Siu Gam (1) ... Mo Mo
  Lau Kar-Leung ... A fei, popsicle buyer
  Tung Choi-Bo ... A fei
  Tang Cheung ... Man in flashback
Production Company
  Sin Hok Gong Luen
  Siu Ping (4)
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  HKFA (spoilers): Cheung Yan-lai, framed by his elder brother Cheung Yan-tsuen, is sent to jail. He manages to escape and plans to take revenge along with a quasi-scientific sorcerer, who uses orang-utan blood to turn the Yellow Hair Monster into a lethal weapon. If it is fed with fresh human blood, the Yellow Hair Monster will become proof against any combat. Learning from the newspaper that Yan-tsuen is to donate a gold Buddha for fund-raising, Yan-lai, accompanied by the Yellow Hair Monster and the sorcerer, goes to get even with him. They are caught in a warehouse. A female ghost suddenly comes out and kills Yan-tsuen. Heroine Wong Ngan-g and the Director rush to the warehouse when they are informed. When they see the sorcerer using a poisonous solvent to dissolve a corpse, they begin to fight. As a result, the Yellow Hair Monster is killed by the poisonous solvent, Yan-lai gets an electric shock, and the sorcerer is scared to death by a vampire.After that, Mother Lo, Yan-tsuen's maid, reveals that she disguised herself as the ghost and the vampire. Her last words reveal that the gold Buddha originally belonged to her father. Yan-tsuen murdered her father and raped her. She sought revenge and to take back the Buddha, so she first killed Yan-tsuen's wife and then made herself up as a ghost. The whole truth has come out and Wong Ngan-g gets the gold Buddha on which there is an inscription reading "Doing Charity with Buddhist Mind." Wong Ngan-g, Wu Ah, and Heung Ngan are satisfied with their work.