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天字第一號 (1964)
The Best Secret Agent
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Hokkien 
Genres: Drama  Suspense 
Release Date (Taiwan): 05/21/1964
  Chang Ying (2)
  Tu Yun-Chih
  Pai Hung ... Li Tsui-Ying
  Ko Chun-Hsiung ... Chou Ling-Yun
  Liu Ching (4) ... Chen Ai-Li
  Tien Ching ... Chen Chao-Chun
  Hu Tou ... Captain Wan Li-Feng
  Ai Chai-Choi ... Housekeeper Liu An
  Ko Yu-Min ... Tsui-Ying's father
  Wu Pin-Nan ... Resistance member
  Yen Chung ... Professor Chao Chi-Nien
  Yang Kuei-Yu ... Japanese officer
  Chen Tsai-Hsing ... Nightclub manager
  Wang Chang-Chi    
Production Company
  Wan Shou Film Company
  Wan Shou Film Company (Taiwan)
  Lin Tsan-Ting
  Shen Yeh-Kang
  Li Guo-Tian
Sound Recordist
  Lee Lam (3)
Production Manager
  Chang Ying (2)
Filming Location
  During the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), Cui-Ying (Bai Hong) flees with her father (Ke You-Ming) from the Japanese invasion. Unfortunately, Cui-Ying's father dies on the road. She arrives in Shanghai alone and works as a singer in a club, where she meets Ling-Yun (Ke Jun-Xiong) and Zhao-Qun (Tian Qing). Zhao-Qun happens to be Ling-Yun's uncle. Moreover, Zhao-Qun is rich and powerful because he works for the Japanese government. Although Cui-Ying falls in love with Ling-Yun, she leaves him and marries Zhao-Qun instead. Ling-Yun is broken-hearted and decides to study abroad. Upon Ling-Yun's return from the UK, he begins working for Zhao-Qun. Zhao-Qun wants Ling-Yun to marry his daughter, Aili (Liu Qing), and Cui-Ying reluctantly agrees to act as a go-between for the young couple. Meanwhile Zhao-Qun's work is constantly sabotaged by the Chinese resistance, led by Secret Agent Heaven No.1. Therefore, it becomes the top priority of Zhao-Qun's subordinate, Captain Wan (Hu Dou), to capture the enemy. But who is Secret Agent Heaven No.1? The first Taiwanese-language spy film produced in Taiwan, The Best Secret Agent is a remake of a 1945 movie of the same name that caused a sensation in Shanghai. Fueled by a dog-eat-dog plot and the changing faces of the protagonist, the film has been likened to a Taiwanese version of the 007 movies. The film broke box office records in Taiwan and kick-started the popularity of Taiwanese-language spy movies for years to come.