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黎明  ♀
Li Ming (9)
Lai Ming

Filmography (1954-1966)
  Actor (70 films)
    The Beautiful Vegetable Grower (1954)    
    Goddess of Mercy (1954)    
    Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (1955)    
    The Cowboy and the Spinning Girl (1955)    
    Chen Shimei Denies His Wife (1955) ... Queen Mother
    Story of Fang Shiyu and Hu Weiqian (1955)    
    The Burning of Hundred Flowers Pavilion (1956)    
    Tiger Wang Snatches the Bride (1956)    
    Madam Zhou Cheng in Search of Husband (1956)    
    The Death of Daiyu (1956)    
    Lianli Gives Birth to Han Qi (1956)    
    Ghost at Midnight (1956)    
    Judge Bao's Night Trial of Guo Huai (1956)    
    Sister Jin Herds the Sheep (1957)    
    Peach Blossom Village (1957)    
    Mulian Saves His Mother (1957)    
    Love Mismatched (1957)    
    The Cruel Mother-in-Law Struck Dead by a Thunderbolt (1957)    
    Meeting on the Magpies Bridge (1957)    
    An Orphan Girl (1957)    
    Xue Mei Misses Her Husband (1958)    
    The Eternal Love (1958)    
    The Evil Of Money (1958)    
    Xue Mei Misses Her Husband (1958)    
    Shrews from Afar (1958)    
    The Wandering Songstress (1958)    
    I Want to Survive (1958)    
    The Fairy Comes Down to Earth (1958)    
    Double Happiness (1958)    
    Honeymoon Hiccups (1958) ... Lili
    Sisters Two (1958)    
    The Story of the Drums (1958)    
    Harmony Between the In-Laws (1958)    
    Tragedy on the Blue Bridge (1958)    
    Case of White Fan (1958)    
    Irreconcilable Foes Turn In-Laws (1958) ... Mother Chen
    Bandidos (1958)    
    Over Shoes Over Boots (1958)    
    A Heaven-Sent Son (1958)    
    Mr. Wang Marries His Daughter to Hong Kong (1958)    
    The Unpredictable Girl's Heart (1958)    
    A Mother's Heart (1958)    
    Slipping off the Right Track (1958)    
    Mr. Wang's New Year (1959)    
    The Jealous Wife (1959)    
    I Want to Marry an Overseas Chinese (1959)    
    The Immortal He Xian'gu (1959) ... Madam Wen
    Pan Jin Lian (1959) ... Pan Jin-Lian
    The Story of Red Lotus Temple (Chapter 3) (1959)    
    The Frivolous Professor (1959)    
    Love of Malaya (1959)    
    Phony Couple (1959) ... Mrs. Han
    Mr. Wang Throws a Birthday Party (1959)    
    The Story of Red Lotus Temple (Chapter 4) (1959)    
    Miss Cui-Cui (1959) ... Sixth Aunt
    Emergency Wedding (1959)    
    Yi Chun Leaves Behind an Umbrella (1959) ... Fifth Madam
    The Jealous Woman (1959)    
    Idle Talk of a Broken Fellow (1959)    
    Phony Phoenixes (1959)    
    The Useless Bunch (1959)    
    A Poor Groom for a Poor Bride (1959)    
    Fleeing with the Phoenix (1959)    
    A Good Couple (1959)    
    Love Between Sisters-in-Law (1959)    
    Temple of the Red Lotus (1965) ... Dragon Jin's mother
    The Twin Swords (1965) ... Grandmother
    Master Cute and Da Fanshu (1966)    
    The Golden Cup and the Wandering Dragon (1966)    
    The Golden Cup, the Wandering Dragon and the Decree to Kill (1966)    
  Amoy dialect actress.