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Shi Wan-Chun
Aliases:  Si Man-Chun
Filmography (1965-1998)
  Composer (17 films)
    Qing Song Ling (1965)    
    In a Twinkling (1979)    
    Ya Ya (1979)    
    As You Wish (1982)    
    A Good Woman (1985)    
    Dr. Sun Yat Sen (1986)    
    Two Virtuous Women (1987)    
    Happly Hero (1989)    
    The Dead and the Living (1989)    
    The Birth of New China (1989)    
    Mi Mi Cai Fang (1989)    
    Decisive Engagement II: The Wei Hai Campaign (1991)    
    Express Highway Constructors (1992)    
    After the Final Battle (1993)    
    Chongqing Negotiation (1994)    
    The Lu Gou Qiao Incident (1995)    
    Qiu Yue (1998)