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Gao Shan (2)
Aliases:  Kao Shan,  Ko Shan
Filmography (1951-1959)
  Actor (18 films)
    The Phoenix 's Flirtation with Twin Dragons (1951)    
    Happy Encounter (1952) ... Biao Xiong
    The Queen Without a Crown (1953) ... Tang Shou-Zhong
    Notorious Woman (1953) ... Sung Fu-Ming
    Diary of a Husband (1953) ... Ma Hui-Ji
    Shadows of Love (1954) ... Peng Fang
    Love's Longing (1954)    
    The Queen of Song (1955)    
    The Life, Love and Death of Yang Guifei (1955) ... An Lushan
    The Life, Love and Death of Tah Chee (1955)    
    Meng Lijun (1955)    
    Ghost at Midnight (1956)    
    The Champion Beauty and the Oil Vendor (1956)    
    Meeting on the Magpies Bridge (1957)    
    The Warlord, Yuan Shikai (1957)    
    Sisters Two (1958)    
    My Darling Sister (1959)    
    He Has Taken Her for Another (1959)