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樂蒂  ♀
Betty Loh Tih
Lok Dai,  Le Di,  Loh Ti,  Loh Tie,  Xi Zhong-Yi
Born: August 29th, 1937 - Died: December 27th, 1968

Filmography (1953-1968)
  Actor (47 films)
    The Peerless Beauty (1953) ... Hou Ke-Jian
    Tales of the City (1954) ... Fang A-zhen
    Diamond Thief (1955) ... Fang
    Loves of the Youngsters (1955) ... A Hsiang
    Never Leave Me (1955)    
    A Widow's Tears (1956) ... Shen Wen-Chuan
    Sunrise (1956) ... Hsiao Tung-Shi
    Apartment for Women (1956) ... Liu Shi-Yi
    The Three Loves (1956) ... Lucy Li
    Rose Cliff (1956)    
    The Song of Harmony (1957) ... Tao Daili
    The Chivalrous Songstress (1957) ... Sung Yin-Chang
    Suspicion (1957) ... Li Mei-Ying
    The Magic Touch (1958)    
    The Adventure of the 13th Sister (1959)    
    Love Letter Murder (1959)    
    Love Affairs of a Confirmed Bachelor (1959) ... Liu Mei-Juan
    The Enchanting Shadow (1960) ... Nieh Hsiao Chien
    When the Peach Blossoms Bloom (1960) ... Oldest Shen daughter
    Rear Entrance (1960) ... Lady in No. 8
    Love the Neighbour (1960)    
    Malayan Affair (1960)    
    The Deformed (1960) ... Ling Shu-Hsien
    Street Boys (1960) ... Gives a coin [cameo]
    The Pistol (1961)    
    The Rose of Summer (1961) ... Ye Feng-Zhu
    Bride Napping (1962) ... Chun Lan
    The Mid-Nightmare (1962)    
    Dream of the Red Chamber (1962) ... Lin Dai Yu
    The Love Eterne (1963) ... Zhu Ying-Tai
    My Lucky Star (1963) ... Fang Ling
    Revenge of a Swordswoman (1963)    
    Mid-Nightmare (Part 2) (1963)    
    The Dancing Millionairess (1964) ... Mei Xin-Yue
    The Story of Sue San (1964) ... Sue San
    The Longest Night (1965)    
    Sons of Good Earth (1965) ... He Hua
    A Beggar's Daughter (1965) ... Jin Yu-Nu
    A Debt of Blood (1966) ... Ma Hsiu-yun
    Lady in the Moon (1966) ... Lady in the Moon
    The Lucky Purse (1966) ... Xue Xiangling
    The Magic Fan (1967) ... Hsiu, patron saint
    Darling, Stay at Home (1968) ... Jan Chang / Wu Ling-Da
    Duel at the Supreme Gate (1968) ... Sun Yuk Bin
    The Vagabond Swordsman (1968) ... Mu Rong-Xue
    Travels with a Sword (1968) ... Tong Yen-Yen
    Red Plum Pavilion (1968) ... Li Hui-Niang
  An orphan at an early age, Loh was brought up by her maternal grandmother in Shanghai before the family moved to Hong Kong in 1949. From her youth, Loh had developed a passion for the performing arts and, in Hong Kong, lost no time in winning a contract at the Great Wall Film Studios in 1953. Despite major roles in films such as "The Peerless Beauty", Loh's five years at Great Wall passed uneventuflly. It wasn't until she signed with Shaw Brothers in 1958 that her star took on its eventual sparkle. Hits such as "The Enchanting Shadow" and "The Dream of the Red Chamber" firmly established Loh's reputation as the next big star and won her the nickname of "classic beauty". It was Li Han-Hsiang's "The Love Eterne" in 1962 that brought her to international recognition. Besides being screened at the 10th Asian Film Festival, the film went on to six awards at the 2nd Golden Horse Awards, among which was the Best Actress Award fro Loh. Loh was married to popular actor Peter Chen Ho in 1962 but, sadly, took her own life in 1968.

From the Celestial DVD release of "Sons of Good Earth".

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