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樂蒂  ♀
Betty Loh Tih

The Peerless Beauty (1953)

Sunrise (1956)

Rear Entrance (1960)

The Enchanting Shadow (1960)

Dream of the Red Chamber (1962)

Bride Napping (1962)

The Love Eterne (1963)

The Dancing Millionairess (1964)

The Story of Sue San (1964)

The Longest Night (1965)

A Beggar's Daughter (1965)

Sons of Good Earth (1965)

A Debt of Blood (1966)

The Magic Fan (1967)
Betty Loh Tih as Sun Yuk Bin
Duel at the Supreme Gate (1968)
Betty Loh Tih as housewife Jan Chang
Darling, Stay at Home (1968)

Red Plum Pavilion (1968)

Travels with a Sword (1968)