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Chen Yan-Yan (1)  ♀
Aliases:  Chan Yanyan,  Chan Yin-Yin,  Chen Yen-Yen,  Chan Yen-Yen
Born: February 25th, 1915 - Died: May 3rd, 1999

Filmography (1930-1992)
  Producer (3 films)
    Shadows of Love (1954)    
    Love Fiesta (1957)    
    Shark of the Pacific (1961)    
  Actor (89 films)
    Spring Dream in the Old Capital (1930)    
    A Spray of Plum Blossoms (1931) ... Lucetta
    Love and Duty (1931)    
    An Actor and an Actress (1931)    
    Answering the Nation's Call (1932)    
    Humanity (1932)    
    The Striving (1932)    
    Spring in the South (1932)    
    Three Modern Women (1932)    
    Another Dream of the Ancient Capital (1932)    
    New Year's Eve (1933)    
    The Sunshine of Mother (1933)    
    The Iron-Bird (1934)    
    The Highway (1934) ... Xiang Ding
    Pear Flowers in Rainstorm (1934)    
    Song of China (1935)    
    The Evil Beauty (1935)    
    Settle Down by the Hanjiang River (1935)    
    A Girl in an Isolated City (1936)    
    Lianhua Symphony (1937)    
    Song of Kind Mother (1937)    
    New and Old Times (1937)    
    Freedom of Heaven and Earth (1937)    
    Spring Comes to Everywhere (1937)    
    Thunderstorm (1938)    
    The White Snake (1939) ... Bai
    Du Shiniang (1940) ... Du Shiniang
    Legend of Sui Dynasty (1940)    
    A Ghost (1940)    
    The Flower Girl (1940) ... Flower girl
    Jin Yu Man Tang (1940)    
    Family (1941)    
    Compassion (1942)    
    Biao Zhun Fu Ren (1942)    
    The Wedding Night (1942)    
    Elusive (1947)    
    Unending Love (1947)    
    Suspect From Husband (1948)    
    A Lingering Dream (1952)    
    The Magic World of Filmdom (1953)    
    Love Song (1953)    
    Shadows of Love (1954) ... He Yi-Chun
    The Long Lane (1956)    
    Teenagers Folly (1957) ... Mother Tan
    Nobody's Child (1960) ... Adopted mother
    Reunion (1960)    
    The Iron Hoof of Oppression (1960)    
    The Lady and the Thief (1963) ... Mother Li
    Three Sinners (1963) ... Old Mrs. Yen
    The Love Eterne (1963) ... Ying-Tai's mother
    Bitter Sweet (1963)    
    Between Tears and Laughter (1964) ... Shian's mother
    The Crimson Palm (1964) ... Mrs. Lin
    Lady General Hua Mulan (1964) ... Mu-Lan's mother
    The West Chamber (1965) ... Lady Cui
    Sons of Good Earth (1965) ... Mrs Tien
    The Lotus Lamp (1965) ... Chiu Erh's mother
    The Grand Substitution (1965) ... Ching Ying's wife
    The Butterfly Chalice (1965) ... Madam Tien
    The Joy of Spring (1966) ... Teacher
    The Blue and the Black (Part 1) (1966) ... Auntie Ji
    The Blue and the Black (Part 2) (1966) ... Mrs. Ji
    Sing High, Sing Low (1967)    
    Auntie Lan (1967) ... Lan's mother
    One-Armed Swordsman (1967) ... Feng's wife
    The Goddess of Mercy (1967) ... Queen
    Four Sisters (1967) ... Luo Mu
    My Dreamboat (1967) ... Shin's mother
    Too Late for Love (1967) ... Fen's auntie
    Spring Blossoms (1968) ... Mrs Chen
    Dead End (1969) ... Zhang Chun's mother
    The Three Smiles (1969) ... Lady Hua
    Heads for Sale (1970) ... Luo's mother
    Sons and Daughters (1970)    
    Valley of the Fangs (1970) ... Song's wife
    It Takes a Man to Be Henpecked (1971)    
    Trilogy of Swordsmanship (1972) ... 2) Madam Li
    The 14 Amazons (1972) ... Ken Chin Hua
    The Young Avenger (1972) ... Li Kui's Third Sister
    The Merry Wife (1972) ... Zhen's grandmother
    The Deadly Knives (1972) ... Jiao's mother
    Flower in the Rain (1972) ... Yuan Ping's mother
    The Young Tiger (1973) ... Tiger's mother
    The Thunder Kick (1974) ... Hero's mother
    Mantis Combat (1978)    
    Dark Trap (1982)    
    The Warmth of an Old House (1984)    
    Ninja Dragon (1985) ... [DARK TRAP footage]
    Centre Stage (1992) ... Herself
  Chen Yen-Yen, last of the Manchu aristocrats, entered the film industry in 1930. Many of her movies such as "Love and Obligation", "Three Modern Ladies" and "The Big Road" became classics. She was especially competent in playing the role of an attractive young girl becoming aware of her own sensuality. With such and image and a melodious voice, she became the favorite throughout the country when she was only a teenager. At 20, she became one of the famous "Top Four Starlets". She specialized in costume drama and tragedy --hence her name: the "Queen of Tragedy". She came to Hong Kong in the 1940s and changed to a more mature screen role. She won the Best Supporting Actress in the 4th and 8th Asian Film Festival with "Splendid Years of Youth" and "Yin Rong Jie" respectively. Chen joined Shaw Brothers in the 60s as a standard actress and starred in many movies. She left the industry in the 1970s and appeared in a supporting tole in TV drama in the mid 80s.

From the Celestial DVD release of "The Young Avenger"

Biography (gstage.com)