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Zhou Xuan  ♀
Aliases:  Chow Suen,  Chow Hsuan,  Zhou Hsuan
Born: 1918 - Died: September 20th, 1957

Filmography (1935-1953)
  Actor (33 films)
    Children of Trouble Times (1935) ... Dancer hostess
    Anthurium Night (1935)    
    The Beauty's Favour (1935)    
    Tomboy (1936)    
    Carnival Night (1936)    
    Map of Treasures (1936)    
    Street Angel (1937) ... Xiao Hong
    Joyous Day (1937)    
    Li San Niang (1939)    
    Dong Xiao Wan (1939)    
    Meng Jiang Nu (1939)    
    The West Chamber (1940) ... Matchmaker
    Romance of Su San (1940) ... Soo-San
    Meng Lijun (1940) ... Meng Lijun
    Wandering Songstress (1941)    
    The Night (1941)    
    Imperial Concubine Mei (1941) ... Imperial Concubine Mei
    Daughter of the Fisherman (1943)    
    Dream of the Red Mansions (1944)    
    Feng Huang Yu Fei (1944)    
    Luan Feng He Ming (1944)    
    You're Smart in One Way, I in Another (1947) ... Yu Bihua
    An All-Consuming Love (1947) ... Li Xiangmei
    Cherish the Memory of Jiangnan (1947)    
    Night Inn (1947) ... Shi Xiao-Mei
    Sorrows of the Forbidden City (1948) ... Consort Zhen/Zhen Fei
    Song of a Songstress (1948) ... Zhu Lan/Liu Ma
    Orioles Banished from the Flowers (1948) ... Zhou Ying
    Waste Not Our Youth (1949) ... Ah Xiu/Fairy
    The Flower Street (1950) ... Daping / Xiao Hu's daughter
    The Closer the Better (1952)    
    Rainbow Rhythms (1953)    
    The Magic World of Filmdom (1953)    
  Zhou joined a troupe of performers at the age of 12. Once voted one of The Ten Best Singers in Shanghai, she was also known to be the “Golden Voice” of her time. Zhou started to act in movies from 1935 onwards. The 1937 film “Street Angel” gave her instant fame and the songs she sang in the film – “Wandering Singing Girl” and “Song of the Four Season” – became extremely popular. That is why every one of the films she made subsequently was accompanied by theme songs. In her filming career she took part in over 40 movies including “Three Smiles”, “Romance of the West Chamber”, “Remembering the South of Yangtze River” and “Night Lodging” which were all made in Shanghai. Besides she made a number of films in Hong Kong like “An All-consuming Love”, “Waste Not Our Youth”, “Song of a Songstress”, “Orioles Banished from the Flowers” and “Sorrow of the Forbidden City”. She is also remembered for having her voice recorded in over 100 songs, the most famous of which are “Wandering Singing Girls”, “Song of the Four Seasons”, “Shanghai Night”, “When Will You Come Back Again” and “Flower Youth”.

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