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No-one Can Touch Her (1979)
Alt title: Against Drunken Cat's Paws
Alias: 13 Evil Bandits
Alias: Revenge of the Lady Warrior
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Ting Shan-Hsi
  Ting Shan-Hsi
  Chang Yung-Hsiang
Action Directors
  Chin Kang (1)
  Man Lee-Pang
  Tsai Chong-Chiu
  Chia Ling ... Brother Blind
  Sun Chia-Lin ... Wong Mei Gwan
  Chin Kang (1) ... Brother Mallett
  Hsieh Han ... Father of Brother Blind
  Tong Lung (2)    
  Yu Chung-Chiu    
  Kan Ti-Men    
  Wang Yu (7)    
  Hsieh Chin-Chu    
  Chu Shao-Hwa    
  Ai Tsu-Wang    
  Chen Chin-Chu    
  Yang Lun (1)    
  Huang Gen-Wei    
  Ma Chin-Ku    
  Ou Li-Bao ... Wine cellar guard
  Cheung Tang-Man    
  Ma Yu-Feng    
  Li Hsiao-Hong    
  Tit Yan    
  Tsai Chong-Chiu    
  Lin Wan-Chang    
  Li Wan-Chun (1)    
Production Company
  Yung Sheng Film Company
  Lin Wen-Chin
Production Manager
  Feng Chih-Chia
Art Director
  Wang Tung
  Chiang Jih-Shen
  Huang Mao-Shan
  Note - This was Chia Ling's last movie. A woman whose kung fu master-father is killed by a jealous ex-pupil Wolf Fang has her sight severly reduced by a vicious dwarf. She becomes, as one character puts it "ragged and dirty", and masquerades as a man, called "Brother Blind", who travels to the capital to assist the enemies of Wolf Fang. And they're a pretty scary bunch, including the Cripples Gang, the Two Bullies and the One Arm Assassin.