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Feng Chih-Chia
Aliases:  Fung Chi-Chia,  Feng Chih-Chia,  Fu Chi-Chia,  Fung Chi-Gap,  Fung Chi-Gaap
Filmography (1976-1994)
  Production Manager (16 films)
    Come Fly with Me (1976)    
    A Pirate of Love (1977)    
    Love in the Shadow (1977)    
    The War of Sexes (1978)    
    No-one Can Touch Her (1979)    
    The Funny Couple (1979)    
    A Sorrowful Wedding (1979)    
    Part Time Job (1980)    
    Those Days in the Heaven (1980)    
    If I Were for Real (1981)    
    Spring Fever (1981)    
    On the Society File of Shanghai (1981)    
    Twin Troubles (1981)    
    Pink Thief (1982)    
    By Love Obsessed (1983)    
    Island of Fire (1990)    
  Planning (2 films)
    Lucky by Chance (1981)    
    The Lady Avenger (1981)    
  Presenter (2 films)
    Ma! Don't Die on My Back (1981)    
    A Taste of Killing and Romance (1994)    
  Executive Producer (1 film)
    Another Love Story (1978)