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Yung Sheng Film Company

Yung Sheng Films Co.
Wing Sheng Film Company
Founder 1: Chiang Jih-Shen (江日昇)
Founder 2: Chiang Chin-Te (江晉德)
Yong Sheng Film Company, Limited
Yung Sheng (H.K.) Film Co.
Young Sun Production
  Come Rain or Come Shine (1974)
  The Graduate from the Country (1975)
  Come Fly with Me (1976)
  A Pirate of Love (1977)
  Love in the Shadow (1977)
  The Smiling Face (1977)
  The War of Sexes (1978)
  The War of the Boundary (1978)
  A Sorrowful Wedding (1979)
  The Funny Couple (1979)
  Forever My Love (1979)
  No-one Can Touch Her (1979)
  A Girl Without Sorrow (1979)
  Flying Home (1980)
  Poor Chasers (1980)
  Twin Troubles (1981)
  Lucky by Chance (1981)
  The Merry Couple (1981)
  On the Society File of Shanghai (1981)
  If I Were for Real (1981)
  Devil Returns (1982)
  The Sexy Lady Driver (1982)
  Crazy Youth (1982)
  Pink Thief (1982)
  Girl with a Gun (1982)
  Exposed to Danger (1982)
  The Anger (1982)
  Hong Chen You Ai (1988)
  Seductress (1988)
  Crazy Youth (1982)