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湯君年  ♂
Tong Cun-Lin
Pinyin: tāng jūn nián
Tong Jun-Lin,  Yong Cun-Lin,  Tong Kwan-Nin,  David Tong Cun-Lin
影視作品 / Filmography (1987-1996)
  出品人 / Presenter
    黃色故事 / The Game They Call Sex (1987)    
    夢過界 / My Dream Is Yours (1988)    
    舊情綿綿 / Never-Ending Memory (1988)    
    好小子5-萬能運動員 / Kung Fu Kids Part V: The Adventure of Kung Fu Kids (1988)    
    好小子6-小龍過江 / Kung Fu Kids Part VI: Enter the Young Dragon (1989)    
    五個女子和 / Five Girls and a Rope (1990)    
    滾滾紅塵 / Red Dust (1990)    
    霸王別姬 / Farewell to My Concubine (1993)    
    風月 / Temptress Moon (1996)    
  Founder of Tomson Group.
Married to Hsu Feng

Son: Albert Tong