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吳夏萍  ♀
Ng Ha-Ping
Pinyin: xià píng
Ellen Ng

影視作品 / Filmography (1984-1986)
  演員 / Actor (1984-1986)
    雪兒 / Cherie (1984) ... / Lucy Luk
    夏日福星 / Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985) ... 阿萍 / Tourist in Thailand
    時來運轉 / Those Merry Souls (1985) ... 阿玲 / Lily Ting
    求愛反斗星 / Crazy Romance (1985) ... / Monica
    心動 / Walking Beside Me (1986) ... / Chen Shan Shan
  主唱 / Singer
    時來運轉 / Those Merry Souls (1985)    
    殭屍家族 / Mr. Vampire Part 2 (1986)    
  As a contestant at the Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1982, Wu Hsia-Ping did not win any prize, but still managed to join the show business afterwards. Her talents enabled her to attempt various types of performance. On TV, Wu was one of the hosts of the oldest variety show ''Enjoy Yourself Tonight'', and participated in drama series such as ''Fortune From Heaven'', ''The Golden Decade'' and ''Marriage at Imperial Order''. She has also played in a Shaw Brothers film ''Cherie'', and released an album in 1985. Wu retired from the show business after getting married.

From the DVD Celestial release of ''Cherie''.