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劉玉璞  ♀
Lau Yuk-Pok
Pinyin: liú
Liu Yu-Po,  Liu Yu-Pu

影視作品 / Filmography (1982-1984)
  演員 / Actor (1982-1984)
    卒仔抽車 / Rolls, Rolls, I Love You (1982) ... / Ah Hei
    賊王之王 / Winner Takes All (1982) ... / Miss Miyamoto
    三闖少林 / Shaolin Intruders (1983) ... / Ye Qinghua
    神通術與小霸王 / The Weird Man (1983) ... / Da Qiao
    水晶人 / Portrait in Crystal (1983) ... / Crystal
    少林傳人 / Shaolin Prince (1983) ... / Xia Suqin
    錦衣衛 / Secret Service of the Imperial Court (1984) ... / Chao Hsiao-Lan
    新飛狐外傳 / New Tales of the Flying Fox (1984) ... / Soo's 2nd martial sister
    屠夫 / Butcher (1984)    
    霹靂雷電 / Thunderclap (1984)    
  A native of Taiwan, Liu Yu-Po joined Shaw Brothers at their invitation in the 80's to play in "The Weird Man", "Shaolin Prince" and "Portrait in Crystal". She returned to Taiwan in 1985 after finishing "Thunderclap", and started a career in TV drama. Later she married Chang Chien-Chung, who worked in an advertising agency, and eventially emigrated to the United States. In 1991, Liu and her husband gave up their careers to become missionaries. In 2001, she became a writer and published two books about herself as a mother and a patient. (From the Celestial DVD edition of "Shaolin Intruders").