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胡冠珍  ♀
Nancy Hu Kuan-Chen
Pinyin: guān zhēn
Woo Goon-Jan,  Nancy Wu,  Hwu Guan-Jen,  Hu Jing-Ying,  Hu Chin-Ying,  Wu King-Ying,  Hu Ching-Ying,  Wu Guann-Jen

影視作品 / Filmography (1980-2006)
  演員 / Actor (1980-2006)
    歡樂群英 / Joyful Group (1980)    
    東追西趕跑跳碰 / Going Up Anybody (1980) ... 淑芬 / Shu-fen
    佛掌皇爺 / The Buddha Assassinator (1980)    
    火葬場奇案 / A Strange Story of Crematory (1980)    
    上行列車 / Up Train (1981)    
    職業兇手 / The Professional Killer (1981) ... / Nancy Sang
    假如我是真的 / If I Were for Real (1981)    
    錯體情 / Love Me, Love Me Not (1981)    
    老師, 斯卡也答 / A Lily in the Valley (1982)    
    四年二班 / The Graduation Trip (1982)    
    畢業班 / The Graduation (1982)    
    百分滿點 / All the Corl One's Men (1982)    
    冬天里的一把火 / A Fire in Winter (1982)    
    苦戀 / Portrait of a Fanatic (1982)    
    問斜陽 / Asking the Sunset (1982)    
    1938大驚奇 / Big Surprise of 1938 (1983)    
    甲子玄機 / Cycle of Mystery (1983)    
    鬼才霸王兵 / Genius, Dictator, Guards (1983)    
    錦衣衛 / Secret Service of the Imperial Court (1984) ... / Xueliang
    愛奴新傳 / Lust from Love of a Chinese Courtesan (1984) ... / Ai Nu
    失婚老豆 / Beloved Daddy (1984)    
  出品人 / Presenter
    魔鬼女教師 / My Sassy Teacher (2006)    
  originally named Hu Jing-Ying, Nancy Hu graduated from the faculty of foreign languages at University of Taiwan. In her third year she already appeared in movies, the first one being ''The Buddha Assassinator''. In 1980 Nancy signed a 2-year contract with Young Sun Films Co., and co-starred with Alan Tam in ''Going Up Anybody'', ''Love Me Love Me Not'' and ''If I Were for Real''. Nancy came to Hong Kong in 1984 and starred in ''Secret Service of the Imperial Court'' and ''Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan'' for Shaw Brothers. She married soon after and went to the United States to study computing and business administration, and acquired a master's degree. She also acquired accreditation as a qualified accountant in the States and Hong Kong, and established an accountancy firm in Hong Kong. In 2000 Nancy set up Etking Media Technology Ltd. in Taiwan as Executive Director and General Manager of the company. The company ran an entertainment web site while at the same time produced TV dramas and web-animations. From the Celestial DVD release of ''Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan''.