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林沖  ♂
Lam Chung (2)
Pinyin: lín chōng
Lin Chong,  Jimmy Lin Chung,  Lin Hsi-Hsien

影視作品 / Filmography (1956-1993)
  演員 / Actor (1956-1993)
    黃帝子孫 / Descendants of the Yellow Emperor (1956) ... 齊亮虹 / Qi Liang-Hong
    鬼湖 / The Ghost Lake (1958)    
    查某愛吃醋 / The Jealous Woman (1959)    
    第一特獎 / The First Prize (1959)    
    結婚五年後 / After Five Years of Marriage (1959)    
    黑貓與黑狗 / Black Cat and Black Dog (1959)    
    虎姑婆 / Tiger Woman (1960)    
    香港之星 / Star of Hong Kong (1963) ... 張英明 / Zhang Ying-Ming
    Crazy Cats Go to Hong Kong / Crazy Cats Go to Hong Kong (1963)    
    香港、東京、夏威夷 / Tokyo, Hong Kong, Hawaii (1963) ... / Zheng Hao
    危險人物 / Woman in Danger (1965)    
    椰林春戀 / Tropicana Interlude (1969) ... / Ping Jian Ren
    青春萬歲 / The Singing Escort (1969) ... 趙克仁 / Zhao Ke Ren
    大盜歌王 / The Singing Thief (1969) ... 鑽石潘 / Diamond Poon
    太平山下 / Fun, Hong Kong Style (1974) ... - / [Guest Star]
    雪花片片 / Falling Snow Flakes (1974)    
    女朋友 / Girl Friend (1974) ... 李經理 / Manager Li
    花樣百出 / Bachelor's Delight (1978)    
    仙鬥仙 / The Divine Fight (1983)    
    阿嬰 / Ming Ghost (1990) ... / [Alternate cut]
    名妓滄桑 / Ming Ji Cang Sang (1990)    
    AK47之天網 / The Wanted Convict (1993)    
  Taiwanese singer. Originally known as Lin Hsi-Hsien, Lin Chong was born to a Taiwanese provincial legislator and a Japanese mother in Tainan, Taiwan. He graduated from the Tamkang Junior College of English (now Tamkang University). He started his career in 1955 as a Taiwanese film actor. In 1957 when Lin completed his military service, he was invited to play in some Taiwanese and Mandarin films. In 1962, Lin went to study in Japan, where Hong Kong had become a dreamland for film buffs. A leading Japanese film company, Toho, then signed a contract with Lin, enabling him to play in Hong Kong-Japan co-productions ''A Star of Hong Kong'' and ''Tokyo, Hong Kong, Hawaii''. Lin's popularity was extended to Hong Kong in 1968 with his avant-garde costumes and performances. He then became an actor with Shaw Brothers and played a leading role in a musical ''The Singing Thief'', directed and written by Chang Cheh. The musical was a blockbuster and Lin then played in two more similar films ''The Singing Escort'' and ''Tropicana Interlude''. (From the Celestial DVD release of ''Tropicana Interlude''). Born in Fujian, China. (Mtime.com)