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衛道明  ♂
Wai To-Ming
Wai Diy-Ming,  Wai Do-Ming,  Wei Daoming,  Wei Dao-Ming,  Ngai Diy-Ming,  Wai Dou-Ming

Filmography (1938-1960)
  Actor (26 films)
    My Son Is a Woman (1938)    
    The Filial Son and the Unworthy Mother (1939)    
    The Chinese Tarzan (1940)    
    Revolt of the Fishing Folks (1940)    
    Dang Kou Da Xia (1941)    
    New Arabian Nights (1947) ... King of Milu
    Female Robin Hood (1947) ... Prison guard
    God of the Animal Kingdom (1948)    
    The Vagabond Master (Part 3) (1948)    
    Double Happiness at the Door (1949) ... Fatty's father
    The Red Kid (1949)    
    Pigsy Destroys the Spider Cave (1949)    
    Nazha Conquered the Seven Devils at Mei Hill (1949) ... Pig Spirit
    Romance of Rome Palace (1949)    
    Lui Tung-Ban's Three Tricks on White Peony (1949) ... Hon Chung-Lei
    A White Python Usurps the Dragon's Palace (1950)    
    Peach-Blossom Hero Spies on Poisonous Dragon Swamp by Night (1950)    
    The Twenty-four Brave Ones (1950)    
    Na Zha and the Pot of Treasure (1951) ... Pigsy
    Bloody Fight by the Golden Sand Beach (1952) ... Bartender
    The Flower Girl (1952)    
    Flying Spider (1955) ... Manager Lau
    The Seven Heavens (1956) ... Fat policeman
    Black Cat, the Cat Burglar (1956)    
    Building the Luoyang Bridge (1957)    
    The Ten Brothers Vs. the Sea Monster (1960) ... Stone Mountain Sage