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張唯  ♂
Zhang Wei (8)
Born: July 8th, 1965 (China)
Filmography (2011-2014)
  Director (3 films)
    Shadow (2011)    
    Destiny (2014)    
    Factory Boss (2014)    
  Writer (1 film)
    Destiny (2014)    
  Zhang moved into filmmaking after a successful career in business. He now operates his own Shenzhen-based production company, Huahao Film & Media. He is known for presenting candid visions of marginalized Chinese lives through his films. "Destiny" ("Xi He") is the tale of an autistic boy's struggle to get an education. "Factory Boss" is the story of an entrepreneur who desperately takes on low margin jobs to keep his business afloat. The big-budget "Sound of a Dream" is the story of four visually impaired children from Tibet whose dream is to appear on a TV talent show.(Variety)