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夏冬  ♂
Xia Dong
Birthplace: China

Filmography (1940-1951)
  Actor (12 films)
    Ji Gong, the Buddhist Monk (1940)    
    They Have Been Living Here for Generations (1940)    
    The West Chamber (1940)    
    A Soul at Night (1941)    
    Hong Xing Chu Qiang Ji Shang Ji (Part 2) (1941)    
    Imperial Concubine Mei (1941)    
    A Talking Flower (1941)    
    Xi Fen Fei (1941)    
    Xin Mei Ren Ji (1941)    
    Women in Wartime (1948)    
    The Story of an Actor (1949)    
    The Life of Wu Xun (1951)    
  Unit Manager (1 film)
    The Story of an Actor (1949)