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楊光遠  ♂
Yang Guang-Yuan
Yang Guangyuan,  Yeung Gwong-Yuen
Born: December 26th, 1930 (China) - Died: September 11th, 2011

Filmography (1965-1998)
  Director (6 films)
    The Land of Rebirth (1983)    
    The Battle of Tai'erzhuang (1986)    
    Decisive Engagement: The Liaoxi Shenyang Campaign (1991)    
    Decisive Engagement II: The Wei Hai Campaign (1991)    
    Decisive Engagement III: The Beiping Tianjin Campaign (1991)    
    The Big March (1998)    
  Cinematographer (4 films)
    Tunnel Warfare (1965)    
    Xu Mao and His Daughters (1981)    
    Anxious to Return (1981)    
    The Land of Rebirth (1983)