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He Yi-Zeng
He Yi-Tseng,  He Yiceng,  Ho I-Tseng
Filmography (1958-1965)
  Actor (13 films)
    A Smile for a Smile (1958)    
    The Stepmother (1960)    
    Meeting By The Well (1961)    
    Pearl Phoenix (1961)    
    Ming Zhu Bao Jian (1961)    
    Wife in Disguise (1963)    
    The Bridgeroom is a Girl (1963)    
    The Story of Tau Ngor (1963)    
    Fairy Pearl (1963)    
    The Story of Liu Yu-Niang (1963)    
    Sai Seung Gei (1964)    
    Double Imperial Sons-in-Law (1964)    
    The Inspector General Seeks Advice from a Fortune Teller (1965)    
  Assistant Director (2 films)
    Strange Visitor (1960)    
    Fairy Pearl (1963)