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唐書琛  ♀
Susan Tang Shu-Chen
Susan Tang Shu-Chen,  Tang Shu-Chan,  Susan Tong Shu-Sam

Filmography (1970-2019)
  Actor (1 film)
    The Arch (1970)    
  Lyrics (7 films)
    King of Stanley Market (1988)    
    The Yuppie Fantasia (1989)    
    The Killer (1989)    
    The Twin Dragons (1992)    
    Handsome Siblings (1992)    
    Pink Bomb (1993)    
    Running Out of Time 2 (2001)    
  Lyrics (Cantonese) (1 film)
    Little Q (2019)    

Cousin, director Cecille Tang Shu-Shuen.

Husband, Lowell Lo.