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Wu Nu-Nu
Wu Nou-Nou,  Monica Kao
Filmography (2014-2016)
  Director (1 film)
    Love Me or Not (2016)    
  Writer (1 film)
    Partners in Crime (2014)    
  Monica, an artist of omnibearing creations. After she graduated from Advertising & Finance of NCCU, she served as a scenarist, assistant director of commercials, and director of TV program on the Internet. Now she devoted herself in fiction writing, script writing, short film shooting and other creative works. She has won several prizes: Chase→Erase (short, 2002), Channel 13 (short, 2003), Babylon (short, 2007), Alone, but not Lonely (short, 2011), Honey Pupu (feature, 2010, directed by CHEN Hung-Yi), Partners in Crime (feature, 2014, directed by CHANG Jung-Chi). (Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival)