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陳崇榮  ♂
Chen Chung-Jung
Chen Shun-Yun,  Chen Chong-Rong,  Chan Shui-Wing,  Chan Shung-Wing
Born: December 5th, 1979 (Taiwan)

Filmography (1985-1990)
  Actor (10 films)
    The Young and Old Wanderers (1985)    
    Kung Fu Kids II (1986) ... ''Fatty''
    The Kung Fu Kids (1986) ... ''Fatty''
    Kung Fu Kids III (1987) ... ''Fatty''
    Kung Fu Kids IV (1987) ... ''Fatso''
    Kung Fu Kids Part V: The Adventure of Kung Fu Kids (1988) ... ''Fatty''
    Chopper and the Six Friends (1988)    
    Kung Fu Kids Part VI: Enter the Young Dragon (1989) ... ''Fatty''
    Little Kids Beat the Boss (1990) ... ''Fatty''
    You Xia Er (1990) ... Hsiu Pan
  Chen Shun Yun, the little obese "kung fu kid", born in Banciao City, debuted in movies in 1984, when he was only 5 years old. In the first 90s he left the movie world to work with computers.