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Liu Zhong-Liang
Lau Chung-Leung
Filmography (1938-1950)
  Producer (20 films)
    A Cheated Girl (1938)    
    A Dancing Girl (1939)    
    Li San Niang (1939)    
    Dr. Li and the Mummy (1940)    
    The West Chamber (1940)    
    Heroes in the Turbulent Days (1940)    
    Romance of Su San (1940)    
    The Night (1941)    
    A Soul at Night (1941)    
    Imperial Concubine Mei (1941)    
    A Talking Flower (1941)    
    Spring Over the Lake (1947)    
    The Weak, Your Name Is Woman (1948)    
    The Dream of the Butterfly (1948)    
    Dumd Wife (1948)    
    Women in Wartime (1948)    
    Devil in Human Being (1948)    
    The Story of an Actor (1949)    
    Wang Chuan Qiu Shui (1949)    
    Zi You Tian Di (1950)