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Xu Jin
Chui Cheun
Filmography (1947-1962)
  Writer (2 films)
    Liang Shan-Bo and Zhu Ying-Tai (1954)    
    Dream of the Red Chamber (1962)    
  Script Supervisor (2 films)
    Long Live the Mistress! (1947)    
    Remote Love (1947)    
  Production Manager (3 films)
    Reconnaissance Across the Yangtze (1954)    
    Playing Chinese Flute Sideways (1957)    
    The Red Detachment of Women (1960)    
  Unit Manager (2 films)
    Night Inn (1947)    
    The Life of a Peking Policeman (1950)    
  Set Runner (1 film)
    Modern Girl (1951)