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Chou Shu-Hao
Chow Shu-Hou,  Shu Chou,  Sou Chou,  Zhou Shu-Hao
Filmography (2008-2015)
  Director of Photography (1 film)
    The Robbers (2009)    
  Cinematographer (10 films)
    Young Blood (2008)    
    Bright Future (2009)    
    The Piano in a Factory (2010)    
    Blood Stained Shoes (2012)    
    The Christmas Tree on a Mountain (2012)    
    Uncle Victory (2014)    
    Dearest (2014)    
    Only You (2015)    
    Underground Fragrance (2015)    
    Crying Out Love in the Center of the World (2015)