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Hui Gam-Tong
Sheu Jiin-Tang,  Hue Kim-Tong,  Hu Kim-Tong,  Hsu Chin-Tang
Filmography (1968-2000)
  Director of Photography (1 film)
    Escape from Black Street (1987)    
  Cinematographer (13 films)
    Avenging Boxer (1979)    
    King of Money and Fists (1979)    
    Fight for Glory (1980)    
    Heroine of Tribulation (1981)    
    Shaolin Temple Strikes Back (1981)    
    Operation "Jaguar" (1981)    
    Kuo Chung Shih Ssu Chang (1983)    
    March On to the Troops (1983)    
    Happy Island (1984)    
    Xin Ting Dian Yan Pan (1986)    
    Lee See Fung (1988)    
    A Fatal Affair (1998)    
    Bowl (2000)    
  Focus Puller (1 film)
    The New Game of Death (1975)    
  Lighting (1 film)
    Monkey Bites Monkey (1968)