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柳哥  ♂
Liu Ke (1)
Lau Ko

Filmography (1965-1982)
  Actor (20 films)
    Happy to Become Bride (1965)    
    Wenquan County Guitar (1966)    
    Drifter Searching for Lover (1967)    
    True Story of Ah Hsi (1967)    
    Mini Madam (1968)    
    Ah Hsi Enters Town (1968)    
    You Get What You Pay For (1968)    
    Ye Ye Si Jun (1969)    
    One Night Husband (1969)    
    Want to Go Home Today (1969)    
    Brother Wang and Brother Liu Walk Hades (1969)    
    Yi Tai San Ge (1969)    
    The Memory of An Ping Port (1969)    
    Back to Anping Harbour (1970)    
    Liu San and Er Chi Tour the Island (1971) ... Er Chih
    Marriage Problems (1971)    
    Laugh Laugh Laugh (1974)    
    Dummy Detective (1975)    
    Three Shaolin Musketeers (1978)    
    Xiao Jing Ling Chi Wan Pi Gui (1982)