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金廷勳  ♂
Kam Ting-Hsun
Kim Jung-hoon,  Kim Jeong-hun,  Chin Yen-Hsun,  Gam Ting-Fan,  Chin Ting-Hsun,  Jin Yan-Xun,  Kam Ting-Fan,  김정훈
Born: December 2nd, 1961

Filmography (1971-1977)
  Actor (13 films)
    A Flower in the Night Rain (1971)    
    Little Big Boss (1973)    
    Gui Fen (1973)    
    The Big Fellow (1973)    
    The Iron Man (1973)    
    The Jilted (1973)    
    Fists for Revenge (1974) ... Hsiao Lin's little brother
    My Mind With You Even If Leaving (1974)    
    Love Camp (1974)    
    The Warrant (1974) ... Po Hsiao-Lung
    Yao Jing Hong Niang Zi (1975)    
    Wrong Side of the Track (1976) ... Liu Ah-Hai (Kid)
    The Adventures of Emperor Chien Lung (1977) ... Hong Li, young Chien Lung
  Korean child actor made debut in 1964. Attended university and graduate school in Taiwan.