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諸葛青雲  ♂
Chu-Got Ching-Wan
Chu-Ko Ching-Yun,  Zhuge Qingyun,  Zhang Jia-Xin,  Chu-Ku Ching-Yu,  Ching Chien-Hsin,  Cheung Kin-San
Born: 1929 (China) - Died: 1996

Filmography (1965-1982)
  Director (1 film)
    The Champion (1973)    
  Producer (1 film)
    The Fast Sword (1971)    
  Story (9 films)
    The Hero and the Beauty (Part 2) (1965)    
    The Golden Cup and the Wandering Dragon (1966)    
    The Golden Cup, the Wandering Dragon and the Decree to Kill (1966)    
    The Aftermath of a Fire (Part 1) (1966)    
    The Aftermath of a Fire (Part 2) (1966)    
    Green-Eyed Demon (1967)    
    The Crimson Charm (1971)    
    The Fast Sword (1971)    
    The Tycoon (1982)    
  Presenter (1 film)
    The Tormentor (1973)    
  Born in Shanxi, Zhang Chien-Hsin graduated in Taipei. Since childhood, he was interested in classical literature, and in 1958 under the pen name of "Blue Cloud" he began his career as a chivalric fiction novelist. The next year he became famous with his two novels "Tian Xin Qi Jian Tang Qun Mo" and "Zi Dian Qing Shuang". He eventually wrote over 60 chivalric novels up through 1990. Some of his novels have been made into movies.