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鮑學禮  ♂
Pao Hsueh-Li
Pao Hsieh-Li,  Pao H L,  Bou Shur-Li,  Bau Hsieh-Lee,  Baau Hok-Lai,  Pao Hsuen-Li,  Pao Hsueh-Lee,  Po Hsueh-Lee,  Pao Hsiue-Li,  Pao Hsiue-Li,  Pao Shiue-Li
Born: 1936 (Jiangsu, China)

Filmography (1956-1986)
  Actor (2 films)
    Tales of Larceny (1973) ... 1) Soldier at festival
    The Imposter (1975)    
  Director (37 films)
    The Drinking Knight (1971)    
    The Oath of Death (1971)    
    The Boxer from Shantung (1972)    
    The Water Margin (1972)    
    Finger of Doom (1972)    
    Delightful Forest (1972)    
    Man of Iron (1972)    
    The Pirate (1973)    
    Iron Bodyguard (1973)    
    Heroes of the Underground (1973)    
    The Shadow Boxer (1974)    
    Five Tough Guys (1974)    
    The Imposter (1975)    
    The Taxi Driver (1975)    
    The Hero Tattoo with Nine Dragons (1977)    
    Layout (1977)    
    Deadly Angels (1977)    
    The Battle Wizard (1977)    
    Tough Guy (1978)    
    Witty Hand, Witty Sword (1978)    
    Flying Sword Lee (1979)    
    The Beauty Escort (1979)    
    Blooded Treasury Fight (1979)    
    Eight Escorts (1980)    
    The Great Conspiracy (1980)    
    The Heroes (1980)    
    The Revenger (1980)    
    Night of the Assassins (1981)    
    The Heroes At Border Region (1981)    
    Private First Class (1981)    
    The Heroic One (1981)    
    Private First Class, Part II (1981)    
    The Kung Fu Emperor (1981)    
    Match Maker for Successful Candidate (1982)    
    Godfathers of Fury (1982)    
    Ninja in the Deadly Trap (1982)    
    A Co-Ed's Diary (1986)    
  Producer (3 films)
    An Invincible Kid (1978)    
    Be Condemned to Die (1981)    
    Ninja in the Deadly Trap (1982)    
  Co-Director (1 film)
    The Naval Commandos (1977)    
  Cinematographer (24 films)
    Descendants of the Yellow Emperor (1956)    
    Second Degree, Part 1 (1961)    
    Second Degree, Part 2 (1961)    
    Sun Pang Dou Fa (1962)    
    Till the End of Times (1965)    
    Longing for Broadcaster (1965)    
    The Trail of the Broken Blade (1967)    
    Too Late for Love (1967)    
    Rape of the Sword (1967)    
    Golden Swallow (1968)    
    Spring Blossoms (1968)    
    The Magnificent Swordsman (1968)    
    The Bells of Death (1968)    
    Raw Passions (1969)    
    The Three Smiles (1969)    
    The Younger Generation (1969)    
    My Son (1969)    
    The Golden Knight (1970)    
    The Twelve Gold Medallions (1970)    
    A Taste of Cold Steel (1970)    
    The Silent Love (1971)    
    Finger of Doom (1972)    
    Trilogy of Swordsmanship (1972)    
    A Co-Ed's Diary (1986)    
  Planning Director (1 film)
    Be Condemned to Die (1981)    
  Planning (1 film)
    The Iron Monkey (1977)    
  He was born in 1936 in Nanjing and moved to Taiwan in 1949. Upon graduation, he worked his way up from technician in a studio film processing lab to assistant cinematographer and cinematographer on numerous Taiwanese dialect films. In 1966, Shaw Brothers director Lo Chen engaged him to serve as cinematographer of the Taiwan-lensed Mandarin film "Too Late For Love". In 1967, Pao moved to Hong Kong and formally entered Shaw Brothers as cinematographer. Three years later he made his directorial debut "Finger of Doom", and between 1971 and 1977 directed over a dozen films, many of them collaborations with Chang Cheh. In 1977 he returned to Taiwan and formed his own film company with his wife, scriptwriter Jin Shu-Mei, with whom he had worked at Shaw Brothers on such films as "Oat of Death".

From the Celestial DVD release of "Man of Iron".