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羅大鉗  ♀
Lo Tai-Kim
Law Tai-Kim

Filmography (1936-1941)
  Actor (12 films)
    Tears of the Reed Catkins (1936) ... Wong King-Yin (child)
    The Country Bumpkin Searches for His Son (1936)    
    Shadow of the Ruins (1937)    
    The Illegitimate Son (1937)    
    The Lonely Son (1938)    
    New Citizens (1938)    
    A Mother's Tears (1938)    
    The Ghost Catcher (1939)    
    The Little Hero (1940)    
    Orchid of the Valley (1940) ... Leung Yin
    The Good Father (1941)    
    Boudoir Blues (1941)    
  Mother: Lam Mui-Mui
Father: Law Wing-Cheung
Sister: Law Sai-Kim