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Sam Fong
Sam Fong Co.
Filmography (1978-1990)
  Sound Recordist (5 films)
    Wanderer with Nimble Knife (1979)    
    Ma! Don't Die on My Back (1981)    
    The Flower, the Killer (1981)    
    Older Master Cute (1981)    
    Ghost Chasers (1985)    
  Recording Studio (7 films)
    Don't Go Away (1978)    
    Legend of Peach Blossom (1980)    
    Seven Steps to Showdown (1982)    
    Gallery of Fools (1986)    
    Xian Sheng Pian Gui (1987)    
    Kei Tak Tang Chi Nin Kei Siu (1988)    
    Let's Go (1990)