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潘迎紫  ♀
Violet Pan Ying-Zi
Poon Ying-Chi,  Pan Yin-Tze,  Pan Yan-Tze,  Pan Ying-Tzu,  Angela Pan Ying-Tze,  Pan Yng-Tzyy,  Pan Ying-Zi,  Violet Pang
Born: June 5th, 1947 (China)

Filmography (1963-2004)
  Actor (57 films)
    The Love Eterne (1963) ... Student
    A Maid from Heaven (1963) ... One of the 7 maidens
    The Amorous Lotus Pan (1964) ... Neighbor at wake
    The Lark (1965) ... Charity concert dancer
    Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore (1965) ... Stewardess Dana
    Squadron 77 (1965) ... Opera troupe member
    Come Drink with Me (1966) ... Woman escort soldier
    Princess Iron Fan (1966) ... Cavern dancer
    Magnificent Trio (1966) ... GaoJing Yu
    The Joy of Spring (1966) ... Classmate
    Operation Lipstick (1967) ... Lee Yu
    Sing High, Sing Low (1967)    
    The Dragon Creek (1967) ... Inn waitress
    That Tender Age (1967)    
    One-Armed Swordsman (1967) ... Qi Pei-Er
    Song of Tomorrow (1967) ... Nightclub dancer
    When the Clouds Roll By (1968) ... Qiu Bin Bin
    Dark Semester (1969) ... Yao Feng Ling
    Torrent of Desire (1969) ... Model
    The Magic Bowl (1970)    
    Swordswomen Three (1970) ... Han Hsiao-Lan
    The Black Fox (1970) ... Yao [Black Fox]
    The Great Duel (1970)    
    Romantic & Pretty Cousins (1970)    
    13 Worms (1970) ... Little beggar hero
    White Lotus (1971)    
    The Jade Faced Assassin (1971) ... Tse Xin-Chan
    Hotel Esquire (1971) ... Yun's bride
    The Story of Ti-Ying (1971)    
    Black and White Umbrellas (1971)    
    When Will You Come Back Again? (1971) ... Lin Hsin-ti
    Hellfighters (1971)    
    The Deceiver (1971)    
    The Eight Dragon Swords (1971) ... Hua Yu-Mei
    My Lover (1972) ... Meng Li
    Stock Fever (1973)    
    Split Love (1974)    
    The Country Bumpkin (1974) ... Vegetable seller
    Kissed by the Wolves (1975)    
    The Master and the Kid (1978) ... Tusan
    The Bone Crushing Kid (1979)    
    Moonlight Murderer (1980)    
    Shaolin Legend (1981) ... Ying Choi Fung
    Tie Chuang Wu Wo Er Shi Nian (1981)    
    The Swordsman (1981)    
    The Guy at Simenting (1981)    
    The Reformed Gambler (1981)    
    The Professional Killer (1981) ... San Ma-Siao
    A Fire in Winter (1982)    
    Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery (1982)    
    The Switch (1982)    
    Manhood (1982)    
    Da Shou Wang (1982)    
    Police Angel (1983)    
    The Perfect Wife?! (1983) ... Mrs Deanie Chow
    Run, Tiger, Run (1984) ... Mary Liao / Dolly
    Around the World in 80 Days (2004) ... Lau Xing's Mother
  Producer (1 film)
    The Bone Crushing Kid (1979)    
  Pan Ying-Tzu was born in 1947 [1945, some sources] in Suzhou, Jiangsu. She joined Shaw Brothers as a contracted actress immediately after graduating from the Southern Experimental Theatre Troupe in 1965. With outstanding dancing and singing skills, she specialized herself in Huangmei Opera and various musicals during early days. She subsequently appeared in "One-Armed Swordsman". She caught the eyes of many audience with her performance in that movie. She freelanced an starred in many martial arts movies in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 70s. Pan subsequently married actor Chen Hung-Lieh, and assisted in the development of his movie company's business.

In 1981 she was invited to star in TV dramas in Taiwan, and received good reviews. She also starred in various TV serial dramas and became the most representative costume drama actress in Taiwan.

From the Celestial DVD release of "The Jade Faced Assassin".