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藍天  ♂
Lam Tin
Born: August 20th, 1937 (China) - Died: April 14th, 1987

Filmography (1952-1982)
  Actor (45 films)
    Everything Goes Wrong for the Poor Couple (1952) ... Ho Nin-Tsai (Ho's son)
    The Swallow's Return (1952)    
    Sisters (1962)    
    When Will We Get Married? (1963) ... Leung Fan
    Blundering But Lucky (1963) ... Chiu Siu-Ming
    The Five Rats' Adventures in the Eastern Capital (1964)    
    The Red Rattlesnake (1965)    
    White-haired Lovers (1966) ... Mui Po-Nin
    Fire Dragon and the Mythical Pearl (1966)    
    The Golden Ring (1966)    
    Song of Happiness (1967)    
    Bomb in Pink (1967)    
    Lady in Pink (1967) ... Ma Tin-lung
    Tragedy in a Fishing Village (1967)    
    Decree of the Fire Dragon (1968)    
    The Magic Bow (1968)    
    Paragon of Sword and Knife (Grand Finale) (1968)    
    The Strange Sword (1968)    
    We All Enjoy Ourselves Tonight (1968) ... George
    The Twin Swords (1968) ... Buk Tung's thug
    The Wornwar Love (1969) ... Jiang's cousin
    Sweet Sword (1969)    
    Let's Sing and Dance to Celebrate a Peaceful Year (1969)    
    Two Sisters Who Steal (1969) ... Lo Bat
    Teddy Girls (1969) ... Supervisor
    Sky Dragon Castle (1969)    
    Where the Dragon Dares (1969)    
    Money from Heaven (1969)    
    Red Rose, the Beautiful Avenger (1969)    
    Singing Darlings (1969)    
    Three Encounters (1969)    
    The Virgin Sword (1969) ... Kat Sam-To
    Let's Build a Family (1969)    
    The One-armed Magic Nun (1969)    
    Famous Swordsman Tin Kiu (1969)    
    Modern School Life (1970) ... Lucy's lover
    The Naked Runner (1970)    
    The Lonely Rider (1970)    
    To Crack the Dragon Gate (1970) ... 3rd Chief
    The Sexual World (1970) ... Bar customer
    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (1970)    
    Games Gamblers Play (1974) ... Xiao Shu
    He or She (1976)    
    The Legal Illegals (1981)    
    The Man from Vietnam (1982)    
  Joined "Taoyuan Film Company" in 1961 as an actor. He left after the expiration of his contract in 1965. In 1967, CB TV was launched, and Lam joined in the same year and did dubbing work. Later, he performed in a number of TVB series from the late-1970s, mainly in supporting roles. On April 14, 1987, during the filming of the major TV series "The Grand Canal", Lam died in a car crash.