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Ngai Man (2)
Filmography (1962-1967)
  Writer (15 films)
    The Night the Spirit Returns (1962)    
    The Curse (1965)    
    My Darling Wife (1965)    
    Love of a Pedicab Man (1965)    
    Tears of a Plum Blossom (1965)    
    The Unaffected Love (1965)    
    You Do Me Wrong (1966)    
    The Deadly Angel (1966)    
    Romance of a Teenage Girl (1966)    
    Colourful Youth (1966)    
    To Marry a Ghost (1966)    
    The Horrifying Adventure of a Girl (1967)    
    The Girl with Long Hair (1967)    
    Youth's Love (1967)    
    My Fair Lady (1967)    
  Pseudonym of Chan Wan & wife Ngai Siu-chee