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林丹  ♀
Lam Tan
Lam Dan,  Lin Dan

Filmography (1958-1967)
  Actor (27 films)
    The Long Night (1958)    
    A Patriot's Sword (1958)    
    The Rickshaw Puller Wins a Pretty Girl (1958) ... Chan Lai-Hung
    Chen Cunzhong's Three Genuflections Before Shui Guanyin (1958)    
    Flying Corpse on a Foggy Night (1959)    
    Two Fools Capture the Criminal (1959)    
    General Without an Army (1959) ... Cheung Siu-Fung
    One Death, Three Criminals (1959)    
    Judge Bao's Night Trial of the Living Dead (1959)    
    Two Fools Capture a Ghost (1959) ... Cheung Siu Chun/Chun
    A Beauty in Times of War (1959) ... Concubine Yan
    Flower Boy (1960)    
    The Heroines' Queen (1960)    
    Blood Terror (1960)    
    Installment on Marriage (1961) ... Lee Hung
    Hero and Beauty (1961)    
    When the Blind Man Sees His Son-in-law (1961) ... Ng Mei-Chu
    How Shui Guanyin Thrice Tricked Bai Jinlong (1962) ... Tai-Kam (Goddess on the Sea)
    Coffee Girl (1963)    
    A Gimmicky World (1963)    
    My Darling Grandchild (1964)    
    Lucky Old Car (1964) ... Sun Lai-Ying
    Long Live My Wife (1964) ... Choi Pui-Fan
    A Good Daughter-in-Law Is Better Than a Son (1964)    
    A New Schedule for the Baby (1964) ... Yuk, Yi-Chi's wife
    Husband of the Back Alley (1964) ... Lam Siu-Fung
    Prodigal in Distress (1967)