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Yi Guang-Fu
Yi Guangfu,  Yi Kuang-Fu
Filmography (1947-1953)
  Art Director (23 films)
    Where Is My Darling? (1947)    
    Three Women (1947)    
    The Net of Divine Retribution (1947)    
    Rumours in the Air (1947)    
    The Corn in Ripe for Plucking (1948)    
    As Time Goes By (1948)    
    Harmony Reigns (1948)    
    Orioles Banished from the Flowers (1948)    
    Portrait of Four Beauties (1948)    
    Song of a Songstress (1948)    
    Lion-Hearted Warriors (1948)    
    The Judge Goes to Pieces (1948)    
    Wild Fire and Spring Wind (1948)    
    Waste Not Our Youth (1949)    
    The Handsome Master (1949)    
    Young Heroes (1949)    
    The Unmarried Mother (1949)    
    Latecomer in the Snow (1949)    
    The Razor's Edge (1949)    
    Encounter at Hongbi (1949)    
    Revenge of the Great Swordsman (1949)    
    Mysterious Heroine (1949)    
    The Sex-Maniac (1953)