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梁哲夫  ♂
Liang Che-Fu
Leung Chit-Fu,  Liang Chi-Fu
Born: December 11th, 1920 (Guangdong, China) - Died: September 7th, 1992

Filmography (1953-1982)
  Director (58 films)
    The Miserable Lovers (1956)    
    Strange Story of Crematory (1957)    
    Get Son for Wealth (1958)    
    Really Hard to Realize Beeing Jilted (1958)    
    Luo Xiao-Hu and Yu Jia-Long (1959)    
    The Prophecy (1959)    
    Lonely Daugther Avenge Mother's Hatred (1960)    
    Luo Xiao-Hu and Yu Jia-Long (Final) (1960)    
    Hai Long Wang Zhao Qin (1960)    
    Slave Born Child Becomes Top Student (1960)    
    Heartless Night Express (1960)    
    I Love You My Son (Part 2) (1962)    
    I Love You My Son (Part 1) (1962)    
    Teardrops Drip Red (1962)    
    Sakymuni (1962)    
    Mama For You (1962)    
    Tyrant Bao Shi-Huang (1962)    
    Last Train Out of Kaohsiung (1963)    
    Waiting for You Year After Year (1963)    
    Seven Fairies (1964)    
    Elder Brother Tian Zhuang (1964)    
    Daji Defeats Saddler Wang (1964)    
    Tu Bao-Tse (1964)    
    Early Train from Taipei (1964)    
    Seven Fairies, Chapter 2 (1964)    
    You Made Me Sad (1965)    
    Who Wants to Call You Mother (1965)    
    Tarzan and the Treasure (1965)    
    Xin Ai Bi Ge Ren (1965)    
    Lan Se Jing Jie Xian (1965)    
    Song Jun Xin Mian Mian (1965)    
    Streets of Taipei (1965)    
    Golden Leopard (1966)    
    Tian Ma Shuang Yi (1966)    
    Zhen Jia Hong Mei Gui Dou Fa (1966)    
    Remote Hero Lu (1966)    
    Spy Red Rose (1966)    
    Qin Xue Mei (1967)    
    Lover No Return (1967)    
    Mulian Saving His Mother (1968)    
    Sorrow During Rain Falls (1968)    
    Jiang Zi-Ya Descends the Mountain (1969)    
    God Blesses the Good Man (1970)    
    Secret Agent Chung King No.1 (1970)    
    Super Cop Vs the Leopard (1970)    
    The Toughest Guy (1970)    
    Bow Kung's Jurisdiction in the Hades (1970)    
    Strange Night (1971)    
    17 Years Desperate Search (1971)    
    Hong Kong Tourists Visiting Taiwan (1971)    
    The Reckless Fortune-Teller (1972)    
    The Naughty Maidens (1972)    
    The Lone Hero (1973)    
    The Saviour Monk (1975)    
    Monkey Subdues Demons (1977)    
    The Supernatural (1978)    
    The Tycoon (1982)    
    Rescue from Hades (1982)    
  Writer (9 films)
    The Blood-Stained Swords of Shaolin (1955)    
    The Miserable Lovers (1956)    
    Wu Qing Hen Bo Ming (1958)    
    Get Son for Wealth (1958)    
    Autumn Hate (1960)    
    Hai Long Wang Zhao Qin (1960)    
    Slave Born Child Becomes Top Student (1960)    
    Mama For You (1962)    
    The Lone Hero (1973)    
  Assistant Director (3 films)
    Beautiful Spy, Kawashima Yoshiko (1955)    
    The Wife's Way (1955)    
    The Blood-Stained Swords of Shaolin (1955)    
  Art Director (3 films)
    Blame It on Father (1953)    
    We'll Be Together in Next Life (1954)    
    Give Us Back Our Country (1954)    
  Props (1 film)
    Autumn Hate (1960)    
  Director Liang Zhefu's career started in Hong Kong in the 1950s and ended there in the 1980s. In 1957 he moved to Taipei, where he made mostly Taiwanese-language but also Mandarin-language films until 1980. Working in various genres, he directed 44 feature film