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李錫九  ♂
Lee Suk-Koo
Lee Sek-Gau,  Li Xi-Jiu
Born: November 3rd, 1950 (South Korea)

Filmography (1975-1990)
  Actor (14 films)
    Fury of The Sun (1975)    
    Close Kung Fu Encounter (1976)    
    The Best Disciple (1976)    
    Righteous Fighter, Il Ji Mae (1976)    
    Fury of Dragon (1978)    
    Golden Dragon, Silver Snake (1980)    
    Rage of the Dragon (1980) ... Master Lei
    Dragon, the Young Master (1981)    
    The New Lover's Fist (1982)    
    Masters of Tiger Crane (1982)    
    Martial Monks of Shaolin Temple (1983) ... Estate owner
    The Undertaker in Sohwa Province (1983)    
    Woman in the Forest Story (1986)    
    Road to Hell (1990)