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趙成九  ♂
Cho Sung-Go
Choe Seong-gyu,  Cho Sung-Ku,  Chiu Shing-Gau,  Zhao Cheng-Jiu
Born: September 4th, 1955 (South Korea)

Filmography (1976-1983)
  Actor (6 films)
    The Best Disciple (1976)    
    A Blow of Fury (1977)    
    Tigresses (1977)    
    The Divine Martial Arts of Dharma (1978)    
    Lover's Fist (1980)    
    Return of the Scorpion (1980)    
  Assistant Director (4 films)
    Shaolin Water Seller (1982)    
    7-Star Grand Mantis (1983)    
    Sandong Chinese Restaurant (1983)    
    Blue Butterfly the Amazon (1983)