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Hoh Siu-Chuen
Ho Shea-Chuen,  Shea-Chuen Ho,  Ho Hsiu-Chun,  Ho Sao-Chuin,  Ho Sui-Chuen
Filmography (1971-1984)
  Costume Designer (9 films)
    Tough Guy (1972)    
    The Invincible Kung Fu Trio (1977)    
    Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (1978)    
    His Name Is Nobody (1979)    
    Fist and Guts (1979)    
    Kung-Fu of Eight Drunkards (1980)    
    Crazy Crooks (1980)    
    Monkey Kung Fu (1980)    
    Heaven Can Help (1984)    
  Costume (2 films)
    The Mad Killer (1971)    
    The Mysterious Heroes (1977)