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秦小梨  ♀
Chun Siu-Lei
Chun Siu-Lay,  Chin Xiao-Li
Born: May 13th, 1925 (China) - Died: October 12th, 2005

Filmography (1949-1960)
  Actor (77 films)
    Tan Kei in the Meat Hill (1949) ... Tan Kei
    Sex to Kill the Devil (1949) ... Lei-Fa
    The Woman General Mu Guiyung (1949) ... Muk Kwai-Ying
    Romance of Rome Palace (1949)    
    Story of Fan Lihua (1949)    
    Adventure at the Women's House (1949) ... Pak Yuk-Seung
    Is Pingyang City Burning? (Part 2) (1950) ... Pak Ying
    The Impenetrable Pi-pa Spirit of Fire (1950)    
    Heartbreak Family (1950)    
    A Host of Blunders (1950)    
    The Handsome Hero's Brawl in Sanmen Street (1950)    
    A White Python Usurps the Dragon's Palace (1950)    
    How Demon Girl Thrice Tricked Monk Jigong (1950)    
    Strange Hero of the Dual Blades (1950)    
    The Great Dictator (1950)    
    The Battle Between Demon Girl and the Ox Devil (1950) ... Demon girl
    Six Attempt to Immortalise the Goddess of Lotus (1950)    
    Magic of Tiger Dragon (1950) ... Tan Kei
    The Battle Between the Handsome Master and the Wild Girl (1950) ... Wild Girl
    Seven Shaolin Heroes' Five Ventures into Mount Emei (Part 1) (1950) ... Third Madam Wing Chun
    Seven Shaolin Heroes' Five Ventures into Mount Emei (Part 2) (1950) ... Third Madam Wing Chun
    Hu Weiqian Smashes the Engine Room (1950)    
    Hu Weiqian Smashes the Engine Room (1950) ... Lui Ying-Bo
    How Fong Kong Heroine Got into a Bloody Fight on Flying Cloud Pagoda (1950)    
    The Cruel Murder of Concubine (1950) ... Yang Meigui
    Is Pingyang City Burning? (Part 1) (1950) ... Pak Ying
    The Hero Becomes a Prisoner of Love (1950) ... Wong Man-Ngor
    On a Snowy Night Chu Yun Stole Her Lover (1950)    
    Two Swordsmen from Emei Mountain (1950)    
    Promotion Means Money (1951)    
    Twelve Cheeky Girls (1951)    
    The Precious Lamp in the Moon Palace (1951)    
    Business Is Blooming (1951)    
    Strange Hero of the Dual Blades (Part 2) (1951)    
    Plenty of Sons, Plenty of Wealth (1951)    
    How the Heroine of Deserted River Shattered the Centipedes Militia (1951)    
    How Fang Shiyu Escorted Miss Yan on a 1,000 mile Journey (1951)    
    Queen of the Devil's Palace (1951)    
    The Silver World of Stardom (1951) ... Movie star
    Na Zha and the Pot of Treasure (1951) ... Cheung Sei-Neung
    Debt of Love (1951)    
    The Handsome Hero Perplexed by Love (1951)    
    Three Heroes of Pearl Sea (1951)    
    Eight Immortals in the World of Men (1951)    
    Home Flowers Are Sweeter Still (1951)    
    Who Will Sympathize with Stepmother? (1951) ... Yan Suet-Fen
    Stallion on the Milky Way (1951)    
    Five Great Heroes from Shaolin (1951)    
    The Sword and the Pearl (1951) ... Mu-Lan/Mok Lan
    Zhang Junrui Murders Jia Baoyu for Love (1951)    
    The Scatterbrain (1951) ... Tau-Wan's wife
    The Splendid Years of Youth (Part 1) (1951) ... Yuen Sheung-Lin
    The Splendid Years of Youth (Part 2) (1951) ... Yuen Sheung-Lin
    Sweet Girls (1951)    
    Between Her Own and the Concubine's Children (1952)    
    The Breaching of Black Wind Stockade (1952)    
    White Lotus, the Heroine (1952)    
    The Devoted Soul (1952) ... Yiu Yuk-Ling
    Emperor's Nocturnal Sacrifice (1952)    
    Four Sirens (1952)    
    Stooge Hero and Beautiful Siren (1952)    
    A Stubborn Mind Picking Beauty (1952)    
    Meeting the Lovelorn Monk on a Snowy Night (1953) ... Cousin Lei
    The Beautiful Thief (1953)    
    The God's Story (1953)    
    The Jade Hall Lovers (1953)    
    Pigsy Takes a Wife (1953)    
    A Fairy from the Dragon's Palace (1954)    
    Ninty-Nine Bloody Cases (1956)    
    Hong Xiguan and Third Madam of Yongchun (1956)    
    How Old Master Jiang Crossed the River (1957)    
    Tan Kei in the Meat Hill (1958)    
    Tan Kei's Death by Fire (1958)    
    The Prodigal's Return (1958)    
    Ne Zha Is His Mother's Escort (Part 1) (1958)    
    Ne Zha Is His Mother's Escort (Part 2) (1958)    
    Iron Arms and the Boxer (1960)    
  Singer (1 film)
    Debt of Love (1951)    
  from Nanning (GuangXi-Province) Sister: Chun Siu-Kei

Uncle: Lau Hak-Suen.