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陳今佩  ♀
Chen Chin-Pei
Chan Gam-Pooi,  Chen Chi-Pei,  Chen Jin-Pei

Filmography (1970-1981)
  Actor (12 films)
    Don't Let the Wives Know! (1970)    
    Weakness The Name Is Man (1970)    
    Love Can Forgive and Forget (1971)    
    Everybody Is Laughing (1972)    
    Who Says the Hen Can't Bear Eggs (1972)    
    Dan Hsia Bu Ji Mu Jia Shui (1973) ... Mrs Chiu
    Come Rain or Come Shine (1974) ... Wet Nurse
    Kung Hei Fat Choy (1980)    
    The Women Soldiers (1981) ... Hairdresser
    The King and the Eunuch (1981)    
    The Taxi Driver (1981)    
    Up Train (1981)