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石燕子  ♂
Sek Yin-Tsi
Shek Yin-Chee,  Sek Yin-Ji
Born: September 9th, 1920 (China) - Died: September 9th, 1986

Filmography (1948-1987)
  Actor (128 films)
    The Colourful Butterfly (Part 2) (1948)    
    Show off Your Beauty (1948)    
    Fang Shiyu and Misao Cuihua (1948) ... Fong Sai-Yuk
    Wu Song's Adventure of the Lion Pavilion (1948)    
    The Big Duel Between the Monkey King and Pigsy (1948)    
    Wealth Is Like a Dream (1948) ... Opera actor
    Fang Shiyu and Wu Weiqian's Three Attemps at Wudang Mountain (1949) ... Fong Sai-Yuk
    Fang Shiyu's Nine Battles at Emei Hill (1949)    
    Fong Sai-Yuk's Revenge (1949) ... Fong Sai-Yuk
    Loosing the Red Sack (1949) ... So Man-Lun
    Three Attempts at the Nine Dragon Cup (1949) ... Yeung Heung-Mo
    Between the Suited and the Suitor (1949) ... Fa Tak-Lei
    Feng Shiyu Burned the Red Cloud Temple (1949)    
    The Flying Sword Hero from Emei Mountain (1950) ... Chow Wan-Chung, Suen Nam
    Eight Swordsmen of Jiangnan (1950)    
    The Flying Sword Hero from Emei Mountain (Part 2) (1950) ... Chow Wan-Chung, Suen Nam
    Heartbreak Family (1950)    
    Fang Shiyu and His Impersonator (1950)    
    Nine Heroes of Guangdong (Part 1) (1950)    
    Nine Heroes of Guangdong (Part 2) (1950)    
    The Handsome Hero's Brawl in Sanmen Street (1950)    
    The Flying Swordsman's Bloody Battle at Zhou Village (1950)    
    How Fong Sai-Yuk Shattered the White Lotus Gang (1950)    
    Fong Sai-Yuk in a Bloody Battle in Ying Yang Cave (1950) ... Fong Sai-Yuk
    The Flying Sword Hero from Emei Mountain Wins the Battle in Green Snails Valley (1950)    
    Fong Sai-Yuk in a Marriage Fixing Boxing Contest (Part 1) (1950) ... Fong Sai-Yuk
    The Magnificent Hero Gold Arhat (1950)    
    Kaleidoscope (1950) ... 5)
    Fong Sai-Yuk in a Marriage-Fixing Boxing Contest (Part 2) (1950) ... Fong Sai-Yuk
    How the Monk Chai Kung Thrice Insulted Wah Wan-Lung (1950) ... Wah Wan-Lung
    The Strange Hero (1950)    
    Fang Shiyu and His Father's Revenge (1950) ... Fong Sai-Yuk
    The Bloody Fight Between Big Blade Wong Fifth and the Invincible Kid (1950)    
    On a Snowy Night Chu Yun Stole Her Lover (1950)    
    Adventures of Gan Fengchi and Fourth Madam Lu (1950) ... Kam Fung-Chi (Gan Feng-Chi)hi
    Two Swordsmen from Emei Mountain (1950)    
    The Lightning Sword (1951)    
    The True Story of Fang Shiyu (1951)    
    How Fang Shiyu Escorted Miss Yan on a 1,000 mile Journey (1951)    
    Fang Shiyu's Three Ventures into the Lane of Wooden Robots (1951)    
    Na Zha and the Pot of Treasure (1951) ... Na Zha
    Three Heroes of Pearl Sea (1951)    
    The Scarlet Hero (1951)    
    The Battle Between Fang Shiyu and the Flying Hero of Guangdong (1951)    
    Fang Shiyu's Invasion of Juling Peak (1951)    
    Big Sword Wang Wu's Revenge (1951)    
    Five Great Heroes from Shaolin (1951)    
    Lee Fung-Kiu's Flying Daggers (1951) ... Fong Sai-Yuk
    Darts of Fury (1951)    
    The Chivalrous Pair (1951)    
    The Brave Archer (1951)    
    Three Swordsmen from Kunlun (1951)    
    The Amorous Meng Lijun (1951)    
    Handsome Yu Thrice Beats the Tiger (1951)    
    Heroine in Red (1951)    
    The Story of Hua Mulan (1951)    
    Golden-leafed Chrysanthemum (1952)    
    The Breaching of Black Wind Stockade (1952)    
    Unexpected Gold (1952)    
    The Red House by the Sea (1952) ... See Pak-Fuk
    Duel between Fang Shiyu and Hong Xiguan (1952)    
    Like the Splendour of a Myriad Blooms (1952)    
    Judge Bao's Night Trial of the Wicked Guo Huai (1952)    
    How Queer-faced Tiger Raided the Cave of the Skulls (1952)    
    A Love So Deep and Great (1952)    
    A Heroine from Emei Mountain (1952)    
    The Beautiful Bandit (1952)    
    Song of Courtship (1952)    
    The Singers' Special (1952) ... [Himself]
    Bloody War to Win the Longfeng Mountain (1953)    
    The Kung-fu Gathering at Longfeng Mountain (1953)    
    The Clumsy Lover (1953)    
    The Beautiful Girl of Yao Mountian (1953)    
    The Jade Hall Lovers (1953)    
    Pigsy Takes a Wife (1953)    
    This Merry Life (1954)    
    Three Cheers for Daddy (1954)    
    Heroine of a Hundred Faces (1955)    
    Story of Fang Shiyu and Hu Weiqian (1955) ... Fang Shi-Yu
    A Broken Dream (1955)    
    Story of Hong Mei (1955)    
    The Murder Case at Club 99 (1955)    
    Journey to the West (1956)    
    Bloody Battle at the Killing Valley (1956)    
    Fang Shiyu Comes to Hong Xiguan's Rescue (1956) ... Fong Sai Yuk
    How the Immortal Lu Dongbin Made a Fool of White Peony (1956)    
    The Heroine Yu Kam-Fung (1956)    
    The Life of Zuo Song (1956)    
    Flying Swordsman of the Plum Blossom (1957)    
    A Patriot's Sword (1958)    
    Fang Shiyu Attacks Emperor Qianlong in Fury (1958)    
    Fang Shiyu's Three Attacks on Emperor Qianlong (1958)    
    The Fourth Son of the Yang Family Visits His Mother (1959)    
    Fang Shiyu's Bloody Battle with the Net of Dual Forces (1959)    
    The Eighth Miss Yang Seizes the Gold Knife (1959)    
    The Maid Who Led an Expedition to Conquer the West (1959)    
    Scholar's Ghost-Wife (Part 1) (1959)    
    Scholar's Ghost-Wife (Part 2) (1959) ... Immortal Red Cloud/Chek Ha/So Hong
    A Night Visit to the Mysterious Cave (1960)    
    The Book and the Sword (Part 1) (1960)    
    The Book and the Sword (Part 2) (1960)    
    Riot in the Temple (Part 1) (1960)    
    Riot in the Temple (Part 2) (1960)    
    Pagoda of Golden Snake (1961)    
    The Temple of the Golden Orchid (Part 1) (1961)    
    Dik Ching the Hero (1961) ... Shek Yuk
    Her Majesty's Imperial Warrant (1962)    
    How Di Qing and the 5 Tigers Conquered the West (1962)    
    Tragedy on the Love Bridge (1962)    
    The Birth of Yue Fei (1962)    
    The Birth of Shi Guizi (1962)    
    Spring Comes to the Palace (1962)    
    The Swordsman and the Swordswoman (1963)    
    Killing the Sister-in-law (1963)    
    Valiant Pan An (1963)    
    The Magnificent Ones (Part 1) (1963)    
    The Seven Heroes of Wudang Mountain (1963)    
    Sixteen Years of Love and Hate (1963)    
    The Magnificent Ones (Part 2) (1963)    
    Night of the Opera Stars (1966)    
    Tragedy of the Poet King (1968)    
    Sealed with a Kiss (1981)    
    It Takes Two (1982) ... Rocky
    Till Death Do We Scare (1982) ... Judge from hell
    Before Dawn (1984)    
    Silent Romance (1984) ... Ah Kau
    A Better Tomorrow (1986) ... Mr Yiu
    Happy Go Lucky (1987) ... Ping
  Story (1 film)
    Scholar's Ghost-Wife (Part 2) (1959)